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CITB make changes to how they fund training in response to feedback from customers


To make it easier for you to choose the right funding for your business needs, they now offer three main funds:

  • Flexible Fund
  • Structured Fund
  • Grants Scheme.

They changed the funding system in this way to respond to feedback we gathered from employers during the Investment Funding Review in 2015.

Flexible Fund

  • For short-term programmes of up to 18 months. This Fund is designed for projects that are ‘quick and adaptable’ in meeting industry needs.
  • Provides up to £500,000 of funding.
  • Applications can be made quarterly.
  • Criteria for entry: innovation, pilots and prototypes, development of skills and training resources, and enhanced incentives.

Some Flexible funding projects could go onto Structured funding.

Structured Fund

  • For longer-term projects of 18 months to five years.
  • Provides up to £3 million of funding.
  • Applications can be made twice a year.
  • Criteria for entry: infrastructure, educational engagement and enhanced incentives.

Who can apply for Structured funding:

  • Levy-registered employers (individual or groups)
  • Construction industry federations (individual or multiple)
  • Trade unions associated with construction occupations
  • CITB-approved training groups.


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