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Investment Funding Review- CITB


In the first half of 2015, CITB conducted the Investment Funding Review to re-evaluate all our skills and training funding schemes.

We engaged with over 800 employers and Federations across the construction industry to understand what you really need in terms of funding.

The outcomes have helped us to create a new funding system that will be easier to access and better meet industry’s training requirements.

How we carried out the Review

The Review involved desk analysis, extensive consultation with our customers, and the design and testing of new funding arrangements.

Gathering feedback from customers was a critical part of the Review. This is how we collected the feedback:

  • We discussed the review at the CITB employer forums in England, Scotland and Wales in the first half of 2015.
  • We ran a series of employer consultation workshops, using an external market research agency to ensure the insights gathered were objective and unbiased.
  • We sought the views of our consensus Federations and several other groups.

Download the presentation from the Investment Funding Review workshops for more information.

You said

You told us that although you value the funding we offer for training, there are many improvements we need to make to ensure you really benefit from the funding available:

  • Simplify the processes for claiming funding, which are currently complex and time-consuming.
  • Simplify the Grants Scheme – essential funding, but overly complicated.
  • Ensure our funding targets the skills that industry needs the most.
  • Increase funding for technical and professional training and higher-level vocational qualifications (VQs)
  • Employers value the support provided by Company Development Advisers (CDAs) and training groups to help them access funding and training.
  • Employers are concerned about the perceived negative image of the construction industry and how this effects recruitment of skilled workers. They want CITB to take a leading role in addressing this issue and encourage new entrants to the industry.

Other suggestions:

  • Restructure our funding to help employers support more apprentices, including contributing to ‘hidden costs’ such as time spent mentoring, and costs incurred during the first year.
  • Create an industry ‘brand’, backed by a campaign to ‘put pride back into the sector’
  • Address the barriers that employers face in accessing training, typically relating to time, cost and limited local provision.

We did

To respond to the main points you raised during the Investment Funding Review, we are already carrying out several projects. Here are some examples:

  • We have been working closely with industry partners to develop a common gateway into construction to ensure a flow of talent to the industry for the next generation. We are co-designing, co-investing and co-delivering a partnership that will better promote careers in construction. Find out more on the New Window Go Construct website.
  • We will be improving the levy and grants information on our website so it easier to find what you are looking for and apply for funding.
  • We are introducing an online version of our funding claim form to help you complete your application quickly.

From September 2015, we are introducing a phased programme of changes to CITB’s funding for training. We will communicate with you throughout the year about the changes, so you are aware of the opportunities available to you.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate customer feedback and look for ways to better deliver what employers need.


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